Palimpsest: History in Drawers

2 SHOWS IN ARMENIA | Fall of 2018
  • Oct. 20th Berlin Art Hotel, Gallery 25, Gyumri
  • Nov. 9th Modern Art Museum of Yerevan (MAMY)

    Cite Internationale des Arts residancey May 2018
    Scream in silence
    Article by Zara Ayroumyan of MAMY

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    On 9 November 2018 the Modern Art Museum of Yerevan (MAMY), Armenia will open an installation entitled Palimpsest: History in Drawers, showcasing art works by Boston based painter Varteni. In the early 1980ís Henrik Igityan, founder of MAMY, was at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA for a lecture. Varteni and Igityan met during this time and the latter visited the artistís studio, applauded her work and invited her to come to Armenia for an exhibition. Decades later this dream is being realized.

    Just ahead of the MAMY show the installation would be opening at the Berlin Art Hotel, Gallery 25, Gyumri, Armenia on 20 October 2018. Read all

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