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Should art first and foremost relate to emotions?

Integrating intuitive and intellectual processes involved with the exploration, the expression, the celebration of life, my art screams in silence, slashing the apathy of emotions in the worlds of advertisement and entertainment where merely design and décor reign, and where “what sells” and “homogenized Art” rules.

Born in an ancient city and immigrating to the New World to continue my education all have contributed to my beliefs and aspirations in Art, which is reflected in the way of my paintings.

Varteni was born in Istanbul to an Armenian family. She was educated at the Sourp Mesrobyan School followed by the Austrian Georg Gymnasium. She arrived in Boston, Massachusetts at age 16 attended Lynn Classical High and gained an early acceptance to Cal Arts, graduating from the College of Fine Arts, University of Central Florida [UCF].

Her biography has been published in “Who is Who of American Women” and her paintings have been shown in exhibitions worldwide.