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 “I found your paintings quite moving, even in reproduction. Your work put me in mind of painters like Gorky, and Grace Hartigan, whom I admire very much, and of course Kandinsky, Pollock, Frankenthaler. But you have a mature sensibility that is entirely your own, and clearly the product of years of work. Bravo!”

 Harry Cooper, curently: Senior Curator and Head of Modern Art, National Gallery of Art, Washington
-- Previously : Associate Curator of Modern Art, Harvard University Fogg Art Museum


"…. artist VARTENI, whom I have known for almost 10 years. She is a most engaging artist who has exhibited at Boston College for an exhibition/concert (“Pictures for an Exhibition”) dealing with a musical evocation of her art work by a Balkan composer, Vuk Kulenovic (Professor of composition at Berkelee School of Music). This was a major success both for its artistic and its musical contributions to our university and the Boston cultural community."

Professor John J. Michalczyk - Chair, Fine Arts Department
Boston College, Boston Massachusetts


 "...paintings by Varteni are arresting in their bold lines and raging colors..."

The Boston Globe, Boston , MA


"I am writing this on behalf of Varteni Mosdichian, the painter whose works were the initial sparkle and inspiration for my one hour long piece "Picture for An Exhibition" for chamber orchestra, premiered in Boston in 2000. I am the composer of more than 30 works for symphony orchestra, performed by many symphony orchestra throughout the world, as well as the author of many chamber and choral pieces, and the winner of many international awards (the last one is a huge New England Grant for my last piece "Electric Symphony" scheduled to be premiered in Boston in October in 2008) Also, during last forty years, I composed music for eighteen movies. I was professor of composition at Belgrade Conservatory of Music, currently -- I am professor at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. I was also visiting professor at different conservatories and music schools in Europe, United States, and Canada.
When, approximately ten years ago -- I had an opportunity to see Varteni's paintings for the first time (in her studio in Boston) -- I was struck by the power, beauty and explosive imagination radiating from the canvases of this wonderful painter. Her intelligent links with the past and the tradition (generally speaking with the "abstract" experience of the first part of 20th century) -- are so naturally blended with a new shades of figural on her own, sometimes it looks to me that it emerges from depths of some disfigured and distorted but eternal memory, always the same and always old but always new, so far from the current fashions which are already too close to their near oblivion. In the decade when visual arts are more or less nothing else but "the conceptual" -- we have "a hero" and a painter who chose to paint!! And she does it great! That's the reason why I am writing this letter, and it was the reason why I composed eleven tableaux of "Pictures for an Exhibition", alluding to the Mussorgsky’s piece with slightly different title - Pictures at an Exhibition. In this slightly post modernistic game, I don't know how (this dispute) will be solved between Mussorgsky and me, but I am sure that at least my inspiration was the art of much higher level than his. "    

Vuk Kulenovic, Composer
Professor of music at the Berklee music college


 "Varteni belongs to the pioneers of the new-image aesthetic, who, however, retains basic visual references to German expressionism with a touch of fauvism. Her best paintings have the character of a violent protest and upheaval executed as if in a half controlled, compulsive frenzy. Varteni is the leading artist in the change over to the New-image, which smashes the minimal art world."

  Dr. Walter Gaudnek, University of Central Florida


 “...your paintings have lyrical sensibility… I especially like your portraits: to my taste they are light and precise…”   

Lucio Pozzi, Artist, Professor of Art


"...A seasoned artist, Varteni's works are traumatic, startling and haunting..."
         Accent, Beacon Communications, Acton, MA

The Boston Globe, Boston , MA


"Painting the faces of emotion-Vibrant colors from Varteni's art studio brightened the walls, tapestries sewn onto furniture and huge canvasses leaning against walls in every room... Her oil canvasses, depict passionate emotions."

 The Watertown TAB & Press, MA


... Progression of Cezanne and Gorky so far as one can speak of style, Varteni's strength rivals that of VanGogh and Picasso, and the beauty of her canvas, absolutely unparalleled       

         a friend, 1982


Welcome to the world of computers. I was most moved by your Remembrances! Your roots into humanity and your delicate connection to the human soul, as expressed often by your paintings, will no doubt outlive the "dot coms" of the art world and other worlds... We might even come home, via the cyber express, to realize the meaning of art. Your contribution will make a difference...

John Samuel


 "Varteni's canvasses are expressions of strength and intense power..."

 Baikar Weekly, Boston, MA


Your art work is outstanding. It stimulates and heightens the human senses which understand beauty when it is before them

Elaine Hagopian, Professor in Sociology and Human Rights


 "Fire, considered by ancient philosophers to be the basic element of our physical universe, is also the basic element of Varteni's universe: the manifold of her colors and her feelings alike has its origin in Fire. Says Plato: "the radiance of fire through the moisture with which it is mingled yields blood-color, which we call 'red'" -- and you can see for yourself the literal truth of these words in Varteni's works. The rivers of feelings that flow through Varteni's paintings are also the rivers of change, and it works both ways: the lives of characters affect the artist, and her struggle with her material changes her art. The curve of the artist's growth shows itself clearly to the viewer; like her images, Varteni burns in the Fire so that she may live and grow".

Michael Abalovich, Cambridge, MA


"A prolific artist, her work embodies the intense expressions of human experiences both at individual and collective levels. She produces large scale paintings in oils, acrylics and works on paper. She has exhibited her work widely in America and in Europe."

T. Badalian, Watertown, MA